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TrueScan and Portable TrueScan constitute Pitagora’s frontline practical response to the need for high security and prompt verification of any printed document.

TrueScan provides the necessary light spectrum coverage, using various visible, infra red and ultra violet lights together with the proper magnification to determine whether the document is real, counterfeited or altered in any way.

Banknotes, passports, ID cards, visas, applied holograms, shares, titles, permits, passes, vouchers, stamps, cheques, labels, and anything considered a security document can be thoroughly analyzed in seconds with a few clicks from this simple, yet sophisticated instrument concealed under an innocent mouse appearance, which can be connected to various CRT monitors, PCs or LCD displays.


TrueScan can verify practically all overt and covert security features embedded in a document with a few clicks. Starting with the material containing embedded UV fibers; watermark; cotton texture; threads; surface integrity; security designed backgrounds; micro letters; intaglio printing; engraving; relief effect; embossing; latent images; optical variable inks and devices; UV, iridescent, infrared and invisible inks; micro surgery and mechanical alterations; cut and paste; IR ballpoint ink analysis; hologram images including embedded nano letters and de-metalization, all in high resolution color images.

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