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Power System Consultants and Engineers

Power System Consultants and Engineers: we are providing Engineering Services to Power Industrial Plant Electric System having Grid Support and Distribution Sub-station Network. Power System Design Engineering and Consultancy, System Study and Network Analysis are our one of the major business ventures

  • Basic Design and  Detail Engineering along with Consultancy
  • Motor Starting and Acceleration Study includes Voltage Dip
  • Feasibility Study and Concept Design Reports
  • Load Flow Study and Short Circuit Analysis
  • Power System Protection - Relay Coordination Study
  • Power Quality Management – Harmonic Analysis
  • Unit Protection Scheme Design, Relay Settings Calculations and Algorithms
  • Retrofitting and Refurbishment solution by Selecting right Relay Model as per Application for Numerical Protection Relays for Generator, Transformer, Feeder, Motor, Feeder Differential and Grid Islanding Protection Schemes on EPC basis
  • Control Relay Panels for Generator, Power Transformer, Grid Islanding, Intelligent Load Shedding and Synchronization Schemes on EPC basis
  • Relay Testing and Scheme for Sensitivity and Stability including Configuration and Trouble Shooting




Our vision is to be one of the world’s leading power systems consultancies.

We understand our market place and have the process, people and experience to help our clients succeed:

  • A commitment to excellence throughout our client engagements
  • Specialised  services
  •  unique mix of services aligned to the needs of our industry and clients
  • The best people and the culture to retain them


Our mission is to ‘help our clients in the world of power ’. We achieve this through our portfolio of capabilities and experts, who deliver end to end solutions, as part of our holistic client partnerships.


As we emerge as a multinational organisation we have not lost sight of the values and ideas that have made us successful:

  • We value our people and aim to be the employer of choice in our field.
  • We aim to introduce value to our clients from our experience gained across the globe.
  • We aspire to partnerships with our clients built on mutual trust.
  • We value our international reputation and we always maintain the highest standards to protect it.
  • We choose to be an ethical company maintaining a high level of professional integrity.
  • We aim to continually improve our quality and our standing in the industry.