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About Us:

KAV Engineering and Marketing Pvt. Ltd.  is an exclusive Engineering and Marketing organization,   head office at New Delhi  by a team of experienced engineers,  who ventured into representing high profile overseas principal companies dealing in latest technologies Scientific Equipment for research and analysis, investigation and  manufacturing organizations. 

KAV Engineering and Marketing Pvt. Ltd. serves Indian Government sectors in Security, Home, Police, Space Research Organization, Defense Research Organisation, Aviation, Ordnance Factory and associate units, besides some other private organization in electronic application.  

The representing principals are a high technology manufacturing enterprises with a strong foundation in research and development at international level. The performances of the mentioned representative products are at par with the top end of the range in International market, which is widely used for scientific application.

 Their products are widely accepted in today’s high  competitive world’s requirement with  professional services and competitive price to our Customer’s satisfaction.

Some of the companies presently represented by KAV Engineering & Marketing in India are as follows:

Our Clients